Sharing the Abundance

From time to time people give books to the Resource Center. We gratefully add some, but often we already own the title and seldom have the space or need for multiple copies.  Also, we attempt to keep the latest edition of titles in our collection, so replaced editions will be available. We’d love to share with others in the diocese for congregational libraries and ministries, or for an individual’s own study or pleasure

  • Unless noted otherwise, books are in excellent or good condition.
  • We will not offer books with loose binding, significant underlining or highlighting.
  • Older books often have page discoloration and that will be noted in the comments.

Cover images are from and checking with that site, Goodreads, or other online sites will provide more information about the title and author(s).

Unclaimed books will remain available for three months, and after that time will be automatically removed. If you would like any of these titles, please contact the Resource Center and your choice(s) will be mailed to you if they are still available.