Welcome to the Diocesan Resource Center!

The Diocesan Resource Center is a lending library serving congregations, programs and individuals in the Diocese of Olympia. It provides religious resources, with emphasis on materials for ministry, and includes books on the reading list for the College for Congregational Development.

Our book and DVD collections can be accessed through our online catalog, and registered users may reserve and renew materials online as well. Items can be picked up at Diocesan House or sent to a church or individual by mail.  Click below or follow the link here to see what new books have been added to our collection recently.

From time to time people give books to the Resource Center. We gratefully add some, but often we already own the title and seldom have the space or need for multiple copies. Also, we attempt to keep the latest edition of titles in our collection, so replaced editions will be available. We’d love to share the abundance with others in the diocese for congregational libraries and ministries, or for an individual’s own study or pleasure.  Follow the link here or click below.

The Resource Center curates small displays, such as the one pictured above, at a variety of diocesan events (such as Diocesan Convention and at various workshops) and material may be checked out there. The librarian is also pleased to visit congregations with book collections to supplement forums, coffee hours, bible study sessions or other events.

The Resource Center  houses the Earth Ministry collection of books and media. For more information about Earth Ministry visit their web site.

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