Episcopal handbook

| 2015

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Faith rules: an Episcopal manual

Ian S. Markham with Samantha R.E. Gottlich | 2016

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Jesus was an Episcopalian (and you can be one too!)

Chris Yaw | 2013

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My faith, my life: a teen's guide to the Episcopal church

Jenifer Gamber | 2014

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Newcomer Collection: Parts One and Two (DVD)

| 2007

Part One Welcome to the Episcopal Church (17 min) What it Means to be Episcopalian (60 minutes) An Introduction to The Book of Common Prayer (11 Minutes) Part Two Sacraments: Participating in Signs of God's Grace (23 minutes) Baptism: Sacrament of New Birth (20 min) Do This for the Remembrance of Me (30 min)

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Ultimate quest: a geek's guide to (the Episcopal) church

Jordan Haynie Ware | 2017

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Unabashedly Episcopalian : proclaiming the Good News of the Episcopal Church

C. Andrew Doyle | 2012

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Welcome to the Episcopal Church

Christopher Webber | 1999

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When the Bishop comes to visit: an activity book for all ages

Brook H. Packard | 2014

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Books for Newcomers